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Aion Aesthetics | Meet Akis and Taso | New York

Aion, Greek (Aion) Timeless, Eternity

Aion clinic is New York’s surreptitious aesthetic boutique that’s located in a small neighborhood in the Upper East Side. We specialize in the aesthetic aspect of the skin and focus on achieving timeless results via injectables.

When you visit Aion, you receive 100% of our attention — no ifs, ands, or buts. We might be a small business, but our intimate space is ideal for our client-centric approach.

The ultimate personalized beauty experience starts at Aion's clinic


Our work presents a professional perspective on what is best for our clients. If you sit in our chair for a consultation, we take into account your skin condition, age, and other factors to ensure your results are long-lasting and suitable to your lifestyle.

We’re not in a competition with big medical spas so there’s no upselling or pressure to do everything and anything. We’re just two guys with an appreciation for beauty and the expertise to support our passion.

There is a luxury in knowing who will be handling your injectables. Get to know the people behind the brand.

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