Doctors have used Botox®to correct facial creases and wrinkles for years effectively, but they also have medical uses. One of the least-known uses of Botox® is treating sexual dysfunction among men. This treatment is called BOCOX.

What is BOCOX, and how does it work? This post will explore the essential details you need to know about BOCOX.

Botox®: The Most Popular Cosmetic Treatment

Botox® is one of the most popular services in the aesthetics sector. Treatments using Botox® stop the muscle from contracting, resulting in a smooth, revived appearance.

Botox® relax the area as it is injected into the muscle and treats several aging indicators. But the medical industry also uses it to treat several medical issues, including chronic migraine, cervical dystonia, and even sexual dysfunction.

Introducing BOCOX – Neurotoxin Use for Sexual Dysfunction in Men

The majority of people think Botox® are just effective for smoothing out wrinkles. However, Botox® are remarkably adaptable and serve various functions, including restoring men’s sexual vigor. Botox®’ used to restore men’s sexual wellness are officially called BOCOX.

The BOCOX procedure is a unique way to use Botox® to enhance penile health and function. For certain men, including those for whom Viagra and Cialis are no longer effective, it has been proven to help with erectile dysfunction (ED).

How Does BOCOX Work?

Blood flow to the penis has a significant role in determining how good an erection is. Blood rushes into the penis when men are aroused, enabling them to perform sexual acts and have sexual relations. It becomes difficult for men to obtain and maintain erections when blood flow to the penis slows down, which is the typical cause of erection problems.

By enhancing blood flow to the penis, BOCOX injections enable us to address the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. BOCOX is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting 50 units of neurotoxin on each side of the corpus cavernosum of the penis. The corpus cavernosum muscles can be relaxed by neurotoxin injections, improving the penis’ ability to fill with blood.

The neurotoxic protein in 100 units of neurotoxin injected into the corpus cavernosum relaxes and smooths the muscle, allowing for the best possible blood flow to the penis. P-shot injections can be used to enhance the outcomes further.

The use of neurotoxin for medical reasons is possible because it relaxes muscles. The smooth muscle that regulates blood flow through the arteries of the penis is also thought to be soothed by neurotoxin; as the smooth muscle relaxes, the arteries widen, and more blood flows into the penis, improving erection and maybe penile health.

Additionally, the axon that innervates tissue is known to move along with neurotoxin (this is known to happen when neurotoxin is used to treat migraines). The movement of the neurotoxin from the ganglion to the regulating axon may enhance the parasympathetic tone, which also contributes to the erection’s increased firmness.

Does BOCOX Affect Penile Size?

It’s improbable that the BOCOX method will increase the penis’ erect size (though it may help when combined with other procedures).

In principle, this effect could aid in the recovery of the penis following prostate surgery and the general health of the penis. The BOCOX method does increase the size of the flaccid penis by retaining increased blood flow in the flaccid condition.

Is BOCOX Safe?

With BOCOX, no harmful side effects have been reported. But because Bocox contains a neurotoxin, which has a similar mechanism of action as Viagra for treating ED (relaxing the smooth muscle of the arteries in the penis), theoretically, any adverse effect associated with neurotoxin or Viagra might also occur with BOCOX. Therefore, it makes sense that BOCOX has the same expected adverse effects as Viagra and Botox®.

But while performing BOCOX, less neurotoxic is used than is required for migraine treatment, and less than 1% of the LD50 (the hazardous dose) for a 130-pound male is employed.

When to Expect BOCOX Results

BOCOX injection results will gradually become apparent over a few days. After six weeks, the final results will be seen. The neurotoxin will need time to impact the targeted muscles fully.

The effects often continue for six months or so. The longevity of BOCOX results is not the same for every case. The primary factor that affects the longevity of results is how fast an individual’s body breaks down the neurotoxin.

In a study where males received 50 units of neurotoxin, the therapy enhanced erection for three months. On the other hand, 100 units of neurotoxin helped the males experience improvement for up to six months.

The Cost of BOCOX

Botox® have a high wholesale cost to the practitioner. In addition to the actual procedure, the BOCOX provider must also spend the necessary time to assess the patient. All of this requires effort and staff assistance.

Costs can differ from town to town; hence the price of the procedure will also vary. It is best to first schedule a consultation before beginning treatment.

Who are Good Candidates for BOCOX?

Men who seek to treat specific sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, the inability to sustain or obtain erections, or weak orgasms are good candidates for BOCOX. Even for those unable to receive PRP injections due to contraindications, BOCOX is typically safe. Those unable to take Viagra or Cialis due to contraindications can also benefit from this treatment.

No procedure will work for everyone, not even BOCOX. It is paramount to consult professionals before getting the treatment to avoid unnecessary hassle. Treating erectile dysfunction is a medical procedure you can’t take lightly; only trained, certified, and licensed providers can do so.

Get BOCOX from Aion Aesthetics

Only professionally trained experts should administer Botox®. Having mediocre injectors inject neurotoxin can lead to permanent nerve damage and severe loss of bodily functions. If you have questions about BOCOX, reach out to Aion Aesthetics.

To schedule an appointment with Aion Aesthetics, call (917) 436-9654 or email Alternatively, you can send us your questions through our online contact form.


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