Top Tier Membership: Step Up to Excellence with New York’s Top Loyalty Program!

Join our exclusive Loyalty Membership Program for just $99 a month – ➡️ Credits Applicable

Your payment becomes credit towards any treatment of your choice, securing your discounts. Credits accumulate over time and never expire.

Conditions: You can cancel anytime after three months of membership initiation. Upon cancellation, you waive your anniversary complimentary services and perks, but you can still use your accumulated credit for any service without discounts.

Loyalty Members SAVE:
20% Off Botox

15% Off All Services

10% Off Skincare, Nutrafol and Nad+

Free Microneedling on Your One Year Anniversary

Additional Perks

Free Monthly Vitamin Shots $1200 Value.

Secret boutique bonuses

Access to exclusive deals, new treatments and exclusive events before the public.

Family sharing accounts (up to 2 people)

Exclusive referral bonuses for members

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