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Akis Ntonos wins

“Top Aesthetic Injector”

Akis is a Family Nurse Practitioner in New York City. He is the lead injector and trainer for a national MedSpa chain, as well as the co-founder of Aion Aesthetics.

Graduating top of his class during his nursing Academia, he became interesting in Aesthetics early on in his education. He is Board Certified in Aesthetics by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine.

Akis is an injectable specialist (a.k.a. facial architect). His approach focuses on enhancing the key characteristics of each patient in order to optimize their facial balance. He creates a customized multi-phase plan that is uniquely created for each individual to gradually enhance some of the physiological dysfunctions that the biological process of aging has caused to the tissues. His passion stems from his desire to make people feel the beauty that they already possess. Being an elite athlete for a long time, Akis knows the importance of skill, precision, balance, focus, and discipline.


Tense expressions result in more lines and wrinkles. Neurotoxins help prevent premature wrinkling by relaxing the muscles.


Is your skin appearing less voluminous than usual? Fillers address volume loss by giving the skin a more plump appearance.


Say “goodbye!” to scars, wrinkles, and large pores and “hello!” to smoother, firmer, and more toned skin. Microneedling helps the skin generate new collagen for healthy skin tissue.


Get ready to glow with facials designed for those who need a replenished complexion. Our customized masks are tailored to your skin condition and are patient favorites

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Aion is an upscale aesthetics boutique clinic nestled in the Upper East Side on Manhattan. Our name, derived from the Greek word (Aion), represents our timeless approach to beauty. While we support fine touches and facial optimization, we stand behind the process of graceful aging.

If you’re wondering how we define or measure facial symmetry — we don’t, nature does. we’re able to achieve the most suitable and natural procedural results based on nature’s golden ration so each client’s natural beauty is maximized, not concealed or contorted.


maximum results


when it comes to esthetics, we’re not interested in doing everything and anything… we simply want to enhance what’s already there. our distinct boutique ambiance and knowledgeable team brings together elegance and comfort so clients can experience medical esthetic treatments with ease. the goal isn’t to not age — THE GOAL IS TO AGE GRACEFULLY.


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